Gorgeous Place to Visit in Lombok

Gorgeous Place to Visit in Lombokmight be meaning place which similar with paradise. By other means, it is place that offer beautiful views and heal your stress away. In fact, Lombok is a beach paradise which still natural, gorgeous and clean. You can feel the tropical climate of Indonesia while enjoying summer breeze in seaside and getting tanned under the sun of equator. As Lombok is a single island which is surrounded with sea, most of its tourist spots are beaches. Even so, each beach in Lombok have its own charm, that can’t be compared to other. Before visiting Lombok, you should prepare yourself for enjoying this tropical holiday in Lombok.

  1. GiliTrawangan Beach

GiliTrawangan Beach is located on an island west of Lombok. It is a favorite destination for foreign and domestic tourists. From the city of Mataram, you can ride bus until Trawangan. Activities are popular on this beach there are various, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, driving with glass bottomed boat, around with cidomo (local vehicle drawn by horse), and many more. Here you are not allowed to use motor vehicles, it aims to prevent pollution and maintain the natural ecosystem of the sea. No wonder that this place is listed as natural place to visit in Lombok.

  1. Senggigi Beach

It is very popular beach in Lombok. In this beach, you can see beautiful black and white sand gradations. In addition to sand color gradations, sunset view here will beatify more of its nature view.In the long coastline, Senggigi Beach has two cultural locations that you can visit. These locations are BatuBolong and BatuLayar. BatuBolong is a temple built on a rock. While BatuLayar is a location where there is the tomb of a cleric. The sea water in Senggigi Beach is very clear, so you can see the sea life while swimming with open eye.

  1. Kuta Lombok Beach

Namely Kuta, it is not only a beach name in Bali, but Lombok also have a beach with that name. Kuta Beach has white sand slightly brownish, sand beach here often called to be like pepper. In addition, the sea water on the beach is super clear, so you can see the view of coral reefs with the naked eye. Characteristic of this beach is the existence of a hill on the west coast, which is named Hill Mandalika. From this hill, you can enjoy the beauty of all Kuta Beach.

  1. Pink Beach

Called as Pink Beach because the sand on this beach is reddish, so if it is seen from a distance as pink. The real name of Pink Beach is TangsiBeach.This beach is located in Sekaroh Village, District Jerowaru, and East Lombok. This pink beach sand caused by mixing between white sand and reddish coral flakes. Not only its attractive pink sand, this beach also has high cliffs that add to the scenery. The water current here is also relatively quiet so it is safe to play the children.

Besides those mentioned beaches, there are still some beaches places to visit in Lombok. Those are like Nipah beach, TanjungAan beach, Sekotong beach, GiliMeno beach, and so on. Lombok is indeed the paradise of beaches in Indonesia.


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